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If you're on the hunt for the ultimate snorkelling experience in Antigua, your search ends here. This article will serve as your comprehensive guide, detailing the premier snorkelling destinations across Antigua. From essential travel advice on accessing these spots to optimal tour selections, I've got you covered as a PADI Divemaster you're in good hands!

Galleon Beach Below

Dickenson Bay Looking North

Dickenson Bay (Dickenson Beach) is a very popular spot for vacationers as it is a superb family-friendly beach with great facilities, such as some of the best all-inclusive resorts and restaurants and a floating tiki bar. It is a popular spot for cruise ship passengers so it is probably one of the few beaches to get 'busy'. 

Devils Bridge

Devil's Bridge is an area of natural beauty and historical significance for Antigua. It was desinganted a national park in the 1950's. Some say that you can skip it as it lacks ammenities and does not have enough of interest for the visitor, we don't agree. So what is it exactly? Read on to learn more.

Steel Pan Band Shirley Heights Sunday BBQ Party

If you land on a Sunday you better get your skates on! Because the best BBQ party is going on from 4 until 11pm at Shirley Heights Lookout.


Jolly Harbour gave a big boom to Antigua tourism reclaiming swamp land in the community just outside of it's neighbouring Bolans village. It was designed as the only gated community and marina in Antigua. It is now a major tourism hub and sailing destination for the island. The services to the marine community form an almost siloed revenue next to the tourism boost from holiday homes and travel related services within.
Despite its start on swampland it s still developing and so are businesses in the area and indeed JH. 

Nelsons Dockyard Anchor

Located in the English Harbour general area is the historic harbour bearing one of the most famous names in naval history; Nelsons Dockyard. Nelson managed the defensive harbour for a while and Nelson's Dockyard is what you can visit today to get a flavour of life in another time in Antigua. His quarters are now a very nice museum and that is a must see if you visit the dockyard so give yourself at least an hour in the museum alone. Reading about the history here will give you a much better feel for it, while wandering around the beautiful setting.

Get that Shirley Heights selfie

One of the most historical significant points of interest in Antigua is English Harbour. Started in the 17th century and defended seriously in the 18th century in 1704 with FORT BERKELEY. Constructed and operated by the British Royal Navy to help defend the trade routes to the west indies from pirates and other expanding colonizing nations.

St Johns Cathedral

Escape the midday sun in the St Johns Cathedral. This is a must do spot if you are visiting the capital of Antigua, St Johns.

The cathedral has been destroyed twice before, once in 1683 and 1745 due to earthquakes. The latest 3rd building has a wooden shell and a stone exterior and has survived subsequent earthqualkes.

fort james


Valley Church Beach

Valley church beach is a popular destination for many. It has lovely water and good facilities. 

half moon bay

Fort Berkeley

Fort Berkeley constructed in the early 18th century (1704) to defend English Harbour. You can see it here on the spit of land in this video - click read more.

Eden Beach is best known as Antigua's nudist beach. Also to those who come to stay in the Hawksbill Resort or those who are searching for NUDE BEACH ANTIGUA!

hells gate

Hell's Gate is a land feature on a distant islet north east of Antigua. You will need to arrange for a suitable boat tour to visit this popular for snorkelling place.

Deep Bay

Easy to view from the sea otheriwse a car rental is needed and a visit to the general Five Islands Village area of Antigua. 

West Coast Village

A new entreprenuerial spirit thrives in Antigua and nowhere moreso than in West Coast Village. If you want to rub shoulders with the expats locals and tourists in the know then wander down or park up and eat drink and be merry.

Shell beach marina is the where you can get a boat to go to D boat attraction. It is located just the outer edge of the Antigua International Airport (ANU) on the northeast corner. In this area there are the following related items of interest click here for the northeast.

half moon bay

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