Antigua seo
Antigua Seo

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the practise (and somewhat ART form) of engineering a website to be optimised so that it appears higher up in Search Engines such as Google and Bing.


Engage us at Best Antigua to improve your website so that it ranks higher than your competitors for natural rankings in Google Bing and Yahoo. This traffic is called ORGANIC SEARCH. It keeps giving on a daily basis for free. Consider this Vs PPC mentioned next.

A great double whammy benefit of advertising on Best Antigua is that you will get a natural SEO boost due to the desirability of links from advertisers get a link from AND . The domain has a massive domain authority and we use it ON PURPOSE.


To increase your websites position in Google do this one thing and keep an eye on your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). 

What is the one free seo thing ?

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Still not convinced check this respected SEO source. I am fully in the school of thought for the sharing camp.

What is PPC ?

Pay Per Click is when you have for example a daily budget that is assigned in a program like Google adsense. You bid on keywords and patterns of keywords in this case you might bid on any keyword text that includes "Antigua" then your advert appears in the webpage of the search engine.

PPC is useful if you are very new and don't have a website that has been around for a good few months. You may also need to get this website optimised and until you do you wont get traffic that you need.

The bad news about PPC is that you pay when someone (including your competitors (although the advertisers like Google try to stop that)) clicks the link. If this link is really of interest and the customer converts or BUYS your service or product then great - it's a cost of business. However it is really difficult to convert people and you will have maybe 4% if you have a GOOD landing page. A landing page is the page that they land on after clicking the advert. 

Often if the advert is poorly setup and you appear for 'Antigua Tours' but you offer Antigua Wedding Photography then the person simply leaves your site. So you need to know your keywords - that in itself is a tough subject one we can help with. We know what people are searching for because we have been ranking websites since 2004. The software is costly to do the research for keywords too.

Alternatives to PPC

Advertising on platforms such as Best Antigua allows you to get clicks from people that are reading the advertisers site. You will get a general audience from our readers but due to the nature of our setup the QUALITY of our traffic is high. This means that someone who sees you advert is RELEVANT. If they are looking at Sailing Tours in Antigua for example they will see advertisers with exactly this service. Google love sites that are accurate in delivering what they search for. We are not interested in traffic for traffics sake. There are ways to simulate and fake traffic that is ego and provides no revenue ultimately and is poor customer service.