Eden Beach Antigua
Eden Beach Antigua

Eden Beach is best known as Antigua's nudist beach. Also to those who come to stay in the Hawksbill Resort or those who are searching for NUDE BEACH ANTIGUA!

The only clothing-optional beach in Antigua is this one. And cameras are not at all welcome giving everyone the privacy they deserve. It is also accessible with a bike ride away from Galley Bay Resort, ask to borrow one for a nice if not hilly cycle down. The reward is a splash around in any of the beaches here and the beauty of the natural area.



Eden Beach Location

This image helps show the location with regards to the Hawsbill resort (centre) and also Galley Bay (furthest left).

Just not visible to the right side is Pinching Beach. You could kayak or swim if you know what you are doing. It will likely be deserted as there is no land access. It's a fabulous beach too.

Hawksbill beaches 


eden beach by carsten dohler

The beach is around a kilometer in length with areas shaded by the receding scrubland. You also can find a spot all to yourself. It is never crowded here and is a beautiful spot to get that all-over tan!
There are no amenities so bring what you need, and please don't leave anything behind.
A small but curiously shaped islet called Hawksbill Rock juts out of the turquoise water. It is said it resembles that of a hawksbill turtle coming up for air, hence the name of the resort and rock. You can explore with a kayak from the Hawksbill Resort. It does make for a decent snorkeling spot. It's untypical in that the seabed is a bit rocky here. As always if you snorkle try to watch out and listen for jet skis. They sometimes fly past on the inside of the rock between the rock and the shore.



Eden Beach Is A Beautiful Nude Beach - No Amenities

"It was a $15 taxi ride from the port to Hawksbill Resort, and a long walk through Hawksbill Resort to finally pass through the white gate on top of the hill to get to the nude beach. The beach was beautiful, there were free beach chairs, but nothing else...including only about 8 people on the mile long beach. The resort offers $60 all inclusive eats & drinks for the day, but it's way too far from the beach to be worth it. Be sure to bring your own drinks. Taxi at the resort delivered us back for the same fare." https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g147242-d519608-r248779008-Hawksbill_Bay-Antigua_Antigua_and_Barbuda.html#


Is it okay to go topless in Antigua? Of course, we are referring to women! And whilst it is officially illegal you are very unlikely to be bothered by any police certainly not fined unless you are giving them good reason. But understand that it is frowned upon by a conservative local population. So if you are at a local beach on the weekend or find yourself among locals you should probably wear a top. Many resort beaches will not have a problem with you going topless in general. You will not find many women going topless on the beaches here in Antigua. Of course, the exception is Eden Beach!

Image Credits 

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Last updated 19/4/2024