Briefly and simply this section has the following objectives:

  1. Provide people with accurate info on fishing in Antigua.
  2. Provide a place for fishermen to publish their Antigua fishing stories just contact us.
  3. Provide fishing services to visitors to Antigua.
  4. Match anglers with other anglers looking to share a charter for the day.

Captain Nick Antigua

These are notes that I am making as a non fly fisherman interested in this technique. I might be more keen normally fishing for bone fish with lighter gear but I started my research in this genre and came up with this..


Antigua Sport Fish Species

Sport Fishes in Antigua

These fish are the ones you will be interested in as a fisherman looking for sport. They are typical of the Caribbean and some are pelagic meaning they traverse great distances on ocean currents and are found worldwide so long as they like the water temperature and have food! Depending on the species you will need different techniques for catching them.

Antigua Fishing Charters

Antigua Fishing Charters and Services

If you are interested in doing some fishing when you are in Antigua then this page is for you. Bookmark it and come back as you need. We want to list every single operator that can help you as an Antigua visitor in your quest to hook up in Antigua

Charters are where you hire the boat and crew for your exclusive use- you won’t need to have any fishing experience either so everyone is welcome. It usually pays to be a part of a group to share the cost. Talk to us and let us know when you are in town and we will link you up with other people looking to do the same.