Panoramic of Devils Bridge
Panoramic of Devils Bridge

Devil's Bridge is an area of natural beauty and historical significance for Antigua. It was desinganted a national park in the 1950's. Some say that you can skip it as it lacks ammenities and does not have enough of interest for the visitor, we don't agree. So what is it exactly? Read on to learn more.


The Atlantic Ocean is a safety risk here and you will in all likelihood cut your life short if you fall in. Our advice is to not cross and keep children well away.
Update- a) Tragicly a Canadian mother and child lost their lives here last week (Nov30th 2023) more on that story here. b) Sadly a Canadian man lost his life as he fell from Devil's Bridge in 2023. So be very careful and don't take unnecessary risks- more on that sad story here
Check shade and hydration for everyone as there is a lack of it here.


A rough natural outcrop of limestone which has been eroded over many years of the Atlantic waves crashing into it has formed a bridge over which you can walk. The area has no safety precautions whatsoever, so please be very careful and watch your children very carefully. As you can see in some of the videos it can raise your heart a little and this adds to the area experience. Vendors sell crafts to people arriving with island tours which is also nice. The Verandah Resort and Pineapple Beach Club resorts are close by and you can take a nice hike to and around the area. **No toilet facilities either!**

Plan to spend no longer than 30 minutes here and often 15 minutes is enough for a nice walk around and getting a good photograph.


Walk Across Devils Bridge

Aerial Video of Devils Bridge



Let's explore what some people say and then discuss what they mean.

"there is no information about the place"

There could be some board other than the entry sign back at the road giving us some historical information on the area. In fact it is reported in Sanny Smith's "To Shoot Hard Labour" that the slaves of the local estates used to throw themselves to death here as it was a rough sea against rocks. Also maybe modern legend says that they chose here because the path to Africa is clear and the souls can be reunited with their homes.

"there are no amenities"

Simply put you don't get much privacy if you need to go to the toilet as there is no cover bushes etc! So go before you arrive or there are some bushes before you get to Devil's Bridge proper.

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