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أنتيغوا العقارات

Windward estate is a gated community in development in Antigua. Located in the south in the very heart of the historic and touristic area of English Harbour next to windward beach and pigeon beach it is a special development. Luxury developments in the area include Catherines Restaurant, of course there are plenty of established POI nearby. To get a good idea of the general area and beauty we show a couple of hand picked aerial videos.
The owners and development company are New Century Development Co

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Please note you are strongly recommended to take proper advice from a Lawyer and Real Estate Agency. This is just a guide and E&OE.


Non Antigua and Barbuda citizens must apply for a non-citizen landholder licence.

The time taken to get the licence can be a few months and the cost is roughly 5% of the prospective property price.

Other costs to a purchaser are a 2.5% transfer fee levied by the Antigua government.

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Antigua and Barbuda covers a total land area measuring 170 square miles (440 square km) with a population of just over 93,000, anticipated to grow another 1% by 2020.

Due to the breath-taking views, scenery and beaches, it remains a top-spot for weddings, celebrity homes (Eric Clapton and Oprah Winfrey to name just two) and foreign investment.

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I find it a most interesting lifestyle in the Caribbean and hearing stories such as the first to kick of a new page of this couple from Washington State. What I hope is that as I find other stories (especially relocating to Antigua stories) I will share them here. Of course I would love to get your stories so please suggest them to us.

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