Calvin is an expert on Antigua, and the founder of Best Antigua. It started as antigua travel blog around 10 years ago. It is a family owned and run business from within the UK. In the beginning it was just an informational based tool, but it quickly started to get a lot of interest and the website you are now on was formed.

"I don't like to use the word 'expert' especially online, but it is true I know a lot about the islands (Antigua tourism) tourism and services. I have dedicated over a decade to the island now. This especially is a comendation for Antigua since I have been to many far flung corners and experienced many of the worlds best beaches. There is just something extra special that made me choose this place." - Calvin the founder of Best Antigua.

The goal of the website is to provide the reader with the information they need fast and with accuracy. Over time we have built up relationships with professional and efficient service providers on the island so we can bring these opportunities to you. We try to avoid excessive detail in the first instance, but in the second we can fill in the blanks. This makes for a better browsing Antigua experience allowing you to find the information your truly need- faster.
We pride ourselves on not being too big to offer a personalised level of service, one you may never have experienced or have forgotten existed!

Many visitors to Antigua are from cruise ships and they have a short time to appreciate the island. For others it is a week. No matter it is too short, and so getting the right information fast is ever more important.

We rely on you to keep going so please help us by sharing our link throughout your social media and putting in a good word.

We hope you have a lovely stay :) 🏝  🇦🇬  🏖


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