Valley Church Beach

Valley church beach is a popular destination for many. It has lovely water and good facilities.


The beach has quite grainy sand which I prefer to the very soft sand that gets everywhere. The nest is the bar and restaurant on site and there are no other choices unless you drive to dennis restaurant or west coast village or Jolly Harbour, all close by.

Aerial videos of Valley Church Beach showing the beauty of the surrounding area including the resorts of Cocos Hotel and Coco Bay

Valley Church Beach 1

Valley Church Beach 2



  • Shower
  • Beach Chairs
  • Bar
  • Restaurant 


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The water is lovely and the sand is a little coarse. The restaurant has slow service but it's ok, this is Antigua. You need to rent your bed and umbrellas but they are fine. You get to use the shower as by being a customer of the area. It is popular on cruise ship days. The water is mostly always pretty calm unless a storm has passed through.

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