The Hawksbill Resort (by Rex Resorts) is named after one of its five beaches you can savour as they are all very good ones. Currently as other resorts remain closed this is one of the few remaining budget options. This is perhaps on of the best cheap Antigua resorts and it is all inclusive too.

About the Hawksbill Resort

It is a typical Caribbean 3 star resort, but what is less typical about it is that you have an expansive beach area.  Plus the fathest beach Eden Beach is 'clothing optional' nudist beach, which is untypical in Antigua.

It is well located for St Johns visits via the 5 islands village pass through. As it is part of Rex Resorts while the Halcyon Cove is a part of Rex Resorts you are allowed to spend a day in the other resort enjoying all the benefts of their all inclusive package.

The resort reviews favourably after you get over the star rating and what that means. It is clean and you might feel it needs some moderisation. Beds will be comfortable but beach chairs etc and furniture can be dated. Apart from over the Christmas and new year weeks the resort has become and Adult Only Resort.

Location Map