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Sailing week in Antigua is a famous yacht race, however you don't need any skills at all to get on a yacht or catamaran.

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Sailing in Antigua Partners

Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association - http://abma.ag/

Who this article is aimed at: This article is aimed at tourists or people on holiday in Antigua who would like to have some kind of a sailing experience. Antigua is renowned for sailing as the trade winds are ideal and there are plenty of things to see at sea like neighbouring islands etc. So it’s a very nice thing to do for visitors especially if you have never been sailing. If you have been then I still suggest looking into this article you will find sailing charters to suit your crew and experience. Or if you are also looking to expand your sailing career then many of the links in this article will be for you.

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Sailing in Antigua Videos

Michael Perron

Charted a Bareboat Yacht in Antigua a great 9 minute video.


Martin Nicholson

In this video Martin sails around Antigua and gets across to Barbuda.


Sunset Cruise Antigua

Here are a couple of videos showing the same sunset cruise, interesting that they are both so very different. Tours can be of a different name depending who is selling it and what it entails. The first one is called Lover's Rock Cruise and is clearly aimed at hitting the romantic and chique market. This is showing the walk direct from Sandals Resort.

In this second video which is not so produced - make up your own mind ! "Do I want some fish ?" - REALLY !