nelsons dockyard
Nelsons Dockyard

Why choose Best Antigua as your digital marketing agent?

Digital moves fast but underlying marketing principals remain. In a nutshell we will gain you more EARNED MEDIA reduce your PAID MEDIA and create your OWNED MEDIA. + Set you on your own course – so you will no longer be forever tied into a contract.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO expertise in house, position yourself in Google where you get free traffic on auto pilot while you sleep (no more excessive social media pushing).

Conversion and Traffic increase

We are also experts at conversion. Getting traffic to your website is one thing having ‘intentful’ customers is another. Getting them enrolled or buying in to your product is something we can fix or improve. Make your website and your social media pages work for you. Keyword research is very important here as much as user experience and making things easy.

If you want to hear from a source that is very trusted then this article shares top insights into how people travel and what do they do. This applies of course in Antigua and it makes for an interesting read if you have an Antigua tour or excursion.

One popular service we offer is Airport Taxi and we are therefore well placed to offer the tourist your tour! There are other ways to get around Antigua.

Social Media Marketing

SMM Social media marketing is an essential part of the Modern Digital Marketing Mix. If you have accounts we can advise how you post or free you from the drudgery and organise a plan that runs while you do what you do best. If you don’t have accounts we can assess what would work best for your unique business. If you think its enough to simply tweet stunning Antigua photos your doing SMM wrong. Social media is a conversation not a single pushed sentence or visual. We engage your company in the essential Antigua Touch Points. Touch points are where people come into contact with your product. They might do a mobile search and find a link to you and touch to your website. Later they might check out your website on their desktop computer where they feel more comfortable to make a booking.

Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC advertising is really not something you should do yourself. It could be costly having your ad at the top of Google. Ask us why? In fact we recommend using PPC in only a few situations.

Some of the things we will action through our plan.

Commission articles for Content Marketing (for both owned and paid), SEO optimisation (owned), Link building in a safe manner. List you on our platforms (equivalent of paid). Promoting your listings in a cyclical manner (Social Media Marketing - Owned). Social media posting page creation image creation for Social Media Pages such as Facebook YouTube and Twitter. Organising special events and or campaigns.