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A travel insurance policy from AXA. It's vital when traveling to Antigua and other destinations. If you haven't yet organized yours then check this offer out from trusted AXA.

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Vacation Insurance for Antigua: Key Points


  • Quarantine travel insurance coverage for accommodations due to a covered trip delay, with a benefit of $2,000 or $150 per person per day for delays of 6 hours or more[1].
  • Coverage for sudden medical expenses, reunion costs, costs for dependent children needing an escort home, lost baggage, and missed connections[1].
  • Travel medical insurance can prevent significant financial loss due to unplanned illnesses or injuries, including emergency medical evacuation[2].

Claim Process

  • Claims can be submitted through online portals, with the process involving the completion of a claim form and submission of necessary documentation[4].
  • After submission, claims undergo verification and final evaluation, with claimants receiving an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) detailing the outcome[4].

Coverage Types

  • Fixed benefit or scheduled benefit plans offer the most affordable international travel insurance options[1].
  • Comprehensive plans covering pre-existing conditions cater to older travelers seeking more extensive coverage[1].
  • Options include US Covid quarantine coverage trip insurance and Covid quarantine travel health insurance[1].


  • Basic coverage typically ranges from 3-4% of the total trip cost, while premium coverage can run between 10-12%[3].
  • The cost of travel insurance varies by company and depends on the type of coverage chosen[3].

Note: It's crucial to review individual policies including this AXA one before purchase to understand the specific benefits, coverage limits, and exclusions that apply to your travel insurance plan for Antigua.

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