half moon beach

First let's have a few good points and bad points of half moon bay.

Good Points
  • It's a natural area
  • It's a nice beach and good for fun swimming
  • You can get some food and drink
  • It's easy to park like everywhere in Antigua
  • There are few if any beach sellers


Bad Points
  • There are no freshwater showers
  • There is not much shade
  • It's not toddler friendly
  • The surf is considered rough for many

General Info and Review

There are no umbrellas or beach beds so bring a towel!

Half moon bay is perhaps one of the roughest beaches in terms of waves in Antigua (Galley Bay resort can be too). It’s fun and nicely quiet. It does get busy with local Antiguans during the weekend. Towards the edges there are some shady areas but you should come prepared to bake!
It’s a bit of a drive from many of the resorts and if you get here on a Sunday then try to plan it with going to the roadhouse which is a restaurant / bar and music venue of choice.

There is a snack shop and a restaurant further up where you can get most things you need. The area is an interesting one of you like walking around the left side you get a bit of a lower cliff bluff area where the waves crash in.

It’s not overly dangerous if you respect normally the surf its not so bad not big enough for surfing or body-boarding note!