I am referring to a week in the all inclusive Jolly Beach Resort Antigua.

Before much ado lets reveal the stats. Accurate alcoholic stats we didn’t make these up.

1 early 40 something couple consumed the following:

39 rum punches – A clear winner and premixed mostly but not always, they always work.
20 beers – could be a bottle or a cup – all inclusive cups of beer are not big enough its true. Smart people had those big thermos canteens to refill! Find them for sale here.
20 Margaritas
15 coffee’s
12 Guiness
11 White Wines
10 hulks (a green coconuttee cocktail in Jolly Beach Resort – try them)
9 Pina Colladas
4 Guiness Shandy (at Shirley heights #protip !)
4 fuzzy balls
4 Red Wines
3 Tom Collins
3 Rum Cokes3 Strawberry Daiquiri3 Tom Collins2 Brandy Alexanders1 Bottle of Champagne1 cup of tea½ a Shandy and 1 Antiguan Kiss.

Fish Caught – 4,5 or 6 🙁

It was my second foray into fishing in the waters of Antigua. Previously I have used a very cheap and toy like almost short fishing rod that I found in my vacation rental and caught almost as much on that as I did with my uk pike spinning gear I used this time.

Lets back up and see if we can work out what went wrong and why that might have been. When things go right its good in fishing because you can say that the methods and gear were all good. Lure check, line thickness and type good etc…when you don’t catch it could be one of many things and that is assuming there are fish around.

The week was not successful in terms of fish caught and I am writing this down to save you some time.

The weather and what to wear..

We went at the tail end of November and the weather has been more than typically wet so the water levels were high making it a challenge to get to some of the waters edge. If you are going to seriously fish for some tarpon then you need to be prepared to get the proper footwear to get into position in some of the brackish areas. Using flip flops is sometimes stopping you getting where you need to go. I would advise caution in just approaching some waters edges with wellingtons though if you don’t know the depths – even if you do wellingtons can drown you and they certainly won’t be comfortable. I guess we need to mention some kind of a disclaimer at this point.

Do not assume that any practise we did or mention in this set of articles is safe for you. Take your own risks in life and use you common sense. Fishing is a risky sport.

I recommend a lightweight snood in Antigua it can help you with avoiding sunburn. Along with a brimmed hat and reducing the glare with polarised sunglasses.

An Anti UV and insect Snood is very versatile.

Wear of course sun cream factor 50 and consider zinc on the prominent facial features. A Tee Shirt is good (whiter the better) and shorts with pockets to hold stuff. I wore flip flops and was able to fish many spots I will talk about later.