Based on research and some fantastic members (heroes of world sea fishing) I am posting a link to this excellent reference to fishing at the St james Club Antigua.

Here is that post ->> Antigua Fishing << go ahead and read through that it is pretty thorough. WSF should be mighty grateful for helping them build that. I know I am very grateful to the guys who contributed to my fishing trials so far in Antigua.

st james club resort map
Image credit St James Club Antigua

I wanted to share a map to help that post along and for my readers here. Confusingly they have a cocobay which I think they named themselves it’s Atlantic side Vs the actual cocobay the south west side.

Here is the google maps detail and note Indian Creek where it’s been said is a starting point for Tarpon. I am heading there next time on the isla to report…watch this space by subscribing to the blog.  Sorry we never found out how to get there and some of the roads were diabolical.

A panoramic showing some of the resort pier.

stjames club marina panoramic

Thanks to Lois Hook Pottery and her husband for the following video.