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Cocobay Boutique Resort

Have an amazing boutique resort experience in Antigua

Boutique resorts are a success - a smaller scale luxury experience appeals where the larger resorts offer something of a different feel. A more personal touch prevails where you wont simply be a luxury guest.

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  • The Admiral's Inn & Gunpowder Suites

    This hotel (or is it an Antigua resort?) offers those seeking a stay in the heart of English Harbour a unique offering, as the accommodation is split over two locations linked by boat (less than a minute's transfer). In a most historic set of buildings constructed around 1788 from bricks made in England you might well be sleeping in the same space as Lord Horatio Nelson.

  • Keyonna Beach Resort

    Smaller resort lovers gain from a more cosy feel in this boutique option well located in southwest Antigua.

    This Antigua resort is rated very high with many repeat customers.  It offers a secluded position just along the coast from Darkwood Beach and is served by beautiful azure waters and white sands.
  • Hermitage Bay Antigua | 5 Star Luxury

    Beach Front Suite

    Hermitage Bay 5 Star Luxury

    Take a look at one of the newer luxury, all inclusive, 5-star boutique hotels on the south west coast of Antigua.

    The individuality that comes from being privately owned is clearly apparent across the Antigua resort. 30 five star suites to wake up in paradise. The bay is stunning one of the Caribbean's finest. Indeed many people state that they simply couldn't believe the views- at some point someone stood on these hills and thought the view should be shared by a top resort.

  • Hammock Cove Resort Antigua - Reviews & Special Offers

    Hammock Cove Antigua

    Located on the east coast of Antigua, Hammock Cove is an adult-only, all-inclusive resort that offers a premium 5-star experience to it's guests. With an authentic identity from new via its original foundations. Using its own excavated earth and rock colours in its very design. Local hardwood furniture has been utilized across the 1080 square feet in each of the 41 villas in support of the local economy and to reduce the carbon impact.

  • Dickenson Bay Cottages

    If you are not staying for long or a standard week (where it is hard to beat all inclusive deals), then you might look at this eco-friendly accommodation option. This is not strictly an Antigua resort but we have included it as for the lack of lower end accomodations.

  • Cocos Hotel Antigua

    Cocos Hotel Grounds

    Cocos Hotel is positioned on the Bluff, where the views are very hard to rival, even here in paradise! This is a great location with typically high-quality beaches so a great romantic option for your Antigua resort. You need to be at least 18 years old to stay. Romance - Wellness - Relaxationthese are the mantras at Cocos.

  • Cocobay Resort Antigua

    Set on the west side, Cocobay is an all-inclusive, adult-only dream. A suberb setting even by Antigua resort standards.

    Often confused (and compared) with Cocos Hotel this adult only resort sits further south on equally fantastic beaches. This is a trendy hangout and one of the places to stay if your anyone!

  • Catamaran Hotel & Marina

    Catamaran Hotel Antigua

    This hotel is small, charming and friendly with an equally pretty and compact beach in Falmouth Harbour. Not quite an Antigua resort per se.