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Want accommodation in the best possible location and on budget? Then you are at the right place. We will be telling you about the various villas, cottages, studio apartments and open concept rooms to stay within budget in Antigua.

Antigua is not known for being cheap or even a reasonable destination in terms of price (but it can be) but these villas and places to stay are changing the demographics for tourists in Antigua.

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We looked around and examined in detail the best villas available in Jolly Harbour. We bring you these in enough detail to get your search off to an efficient start- maybe the search starts and ends here? Situated on one of the best beaches in Antigua and located within the gated community of Jolly Harbour with all it's ammenities these villas have a lot to offer.

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This Jolly Harbour villa is one of the few units suitable for small groups and individuals in the marina complex. It is possible to book the whole villa or just a room and share the lounge and kitchen area. Access to the beach and great local ammenities awaits smaller families and couples.

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Sweet Dream is a villa rental for those who want to be a close to the beauty of nature and not right on the beach. The place offers great value and affordability when much of Antigua is triple the cost of a room here. You get your pivate room with bathroom and share communal area with the other guests. Mamora bay is nicely located close to English Harbour you would need your own transport or take tours to explore the island. There are fantastic opportunities in the local area to go for your own hikes. Breakfast is also included in the room rates. 

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Vacation home rentals and villas are able to offer something that the exclusive luxury resort offering has struggled to. Even the best luxury resorts have long since been trying to incorporate home style dwellings within the resort to makeup that luxury private experience. In fact the new resorts under development show that a large portion of their areas are given over to home style and villa type accomodations. The privacy is assured while hanging on to the resort amenities which are a big draw. Here we look at 3 incredible luxury villas that represent great value for your group.

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