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The Halcyon is currently being demolished for rebuilding as a Royalton CHIC resort to be ready for November 2023 Spring 2024. 

About the Halcyon Cove

The Halcyon Cove is located right on the beach in Dickenson Bay and is considered a 3* resort.  There is an average sized pool and a beach bar, with al fresco BBQ dining several nights a week and every lunchtime. A good family and value Antigua resort.

This hotel reviews well for families and couples alike, but it has been noted that an upgrade is long overdue and car hire is advised if you plan to get out of the resort often.

Generally this seems a great choice for those with young children as it's right on the beach, has everything else catered for within the complex and the staff are said to be really wonderful and welcoming. Let's for a moment mention the beach check the videos below for the aerial view and you will see how close you are, it really is a stones throw away! The security is ever present and though not really needed is reassuring if your children are playing around.


Going from the pool to the beach has never been so quick and easy. One of the major selling points. The other is the Warri Pier Restaurant and when you have all inclusive deal halcyon rex you get to dine here once in the week. You might like to make it more by choice! Don't leave it till your last evening is this tip. The Warri Pier is Antigua's ONLY restaurant over the water and if you are ocean side you can look down and see the snook hunting the smaller fish in the water. It's a very romantic setting or one for a special occasion.

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As mentioned the jewel is the Warri, but it is also pleasant to dine in the main resturant across a few days come week. A buffet with selection of good food is the norm apart from your evening at the Warri Pier. Breakfast is also served in the main restaurant but lunch is outside near the pool area. One evening is also a BBQ on the beach patio where you have lunch.


There are three category of rooms Garden, Family Pool View and Sea View. Within these you can get different beds and even interconnected rooms for larger groups. This makes it great for larger families. Click on the and select your dates  to see what rooms you might be interested in.


There is a single pool that is very nice when the resort isn't busy but if it is ever full or busy it can be hard to get a lounger around it. There are some activities of pool aerobics and depending on availability pool voleyball.

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