Property has always been quite reliable when talking about investment. For those caught out by the subprime mess they might not agree. So long as evaluation of ‘real value’ is not again over inflated and that value borrowed against we should not end up there again. Relatively though property has been great for many people who wouldn’t ordinarily call themselves investors. Middle class families investing in their future with property is one end of the scale. It’s the demand that seems to never decrease or change much. But what if you are in the position to get a second property. Would you look at a property in the Caribbean- a property in Antigua?

 This article hopes to open the debate with recent global political stability issues and the Covid 19 pandemic.

Antigua Vs Europe

Unfortunately Europe is not stable in terms of it’s economy as once was and prices are low but may remain low too. If you are for or against BREXIT the situation is the situation. The European economy has been faltering for a while now we see countries that can’t hope to pay back debt. While many Brits would have invested in a property abroad I would wager this is now a less attractive proposition.

Buying in the Caribbean where tourism is guaranteed (there are seasonal adjustments) makes for a stable environment. From the business perspective being close to North American countries and just 8 hours from the UK, Antigua is perhaps a strong contender for the best island in the Caribbean. For more info on Antigua and Investment pay a visit.

Buying Property and Land in Antigua

reeds point antigua

Reeds Point – A good example of land spearing out into the Caribbean sea. Source - Antigua Estates. Hurry few plots remaining.

Quick Costs of Buying a Property in Antigua

You must add a 5% non citizen license fee and a transfer fee of 2.5%. Cost of a property lawyer will also need to be factored in. If buying land then there can be some taxes that require paying until a project is completed.

To investors who don’t hold a powerful passport the added incentive of obtaining an Antigua passport is attractive. This is not new to Antigua or the Caribbean and is done to attract investment. Applications for passports go through rigorous checks. This is the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Programme or CIP for short.

So some reasons already to invest in Antigua

Antigua is well positioned geographically speaking for the USA Canada and Europe.

The Citizenship by Investment Programme. The CIP is a fast service so long as there are no due diligence complications.

Island/People and Government Stability.

Good international financial services/banking in place

A new airport (Same airport code ANU) and docks.

The underdeveloped nature of Antigua hints that prices will go up on the basis that it is still going to remain an attractive area. i.e. it isn’t saturated by a long way.

It is straightforward to buy property and Land in Antigua

If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent in Antigua then contact us and we will put you in touch with our favourites- they have a fantastic team with all the experience you need.

Where should you look for property in Antigua?

Antigua is relatively safe so you could simply answer this with anywhere!

However if you are looking for popular spots based on natural beauty and infrastructure then you might consider this a quick list. Of course your Real Estate Agent will listen to your wishes and will advise you of availability with no obligation.

Galley Bay Heights; These villas are very exclusive and you will end up with neighbours like Giorgio Armani.

Jolly Harbour; With fantastic beachfront land and villas available and the Harbour Island is still undeveloped, you can build your own project. Within the islands secured gated community (not that you need it) is a marina with boating services. Along with the boating industry there is an 18 hole golf course on site restaurants gym, supermarket and much more. It is fast growing a main tourist hub so rental accommodation on weekly basis is the norm. For smaller 2 bedroom places this can be from around 750 USD per week as a rough guide. As an owner you might spend some of the school summer holidays there in your own place.

St James Club; Investing in property in resorts is not a brand new idea but all the newer resorts seem to make a space for this kind of goings on. So you can own a property within a resort and rent and market it yourself. Also enjoying the property yourself too. Located close to English Harbour this is another location for consideration.

Antigua has a lot to offer

So whether you are investing for longer term or interim you might be surprised what Antigua has to offer and how the range of property prices can be affordable to even the emerging middle classes of the UK, USA and Canada. It’s certainly a safer bet than most. The research could also prove fun. So check out Antigua for your next vacation.