Please note you are strongly recommended to take proper advice from a Lawyer and Real Estate Agency. This is just a guide and E&OE.


Non Antigua and Barbuda citizens must apply for a non-citizen landholder licence.

The time taken to get the licence can be a few months and the cost is roughly 5% of the prospective property price.

Other costs to a purchaser are a 2.5% transfer fee levied by the Antigua government.



The seller has a 7.5%fee.

Both buyers and sellers will need a lawyer and this is dependent on the purchase price can be from 1-2% if a loan is required the Antiguan tax is 3% on that.

This is a general overview and there are specifics to be aware of for example more charges for those buying a not yet built house will require regular payments while building is in progress. There could be a time before these taxes start ie You want to buy land and there is a given time that the property being built on this land has before taxation starts.

It is for these reasons that you should consult with a real estate agent and lawyer before you do anything. We recommend the services of the following Antigua Real Estate Agents.

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For help on the following but not limited to: Location, Cost, Valuation, Survey, Financing, Contracts, Government Transfer Tax, Lawyer’s Fees, Legal Advice, Landholders License, Land Registry. They are your complete Real Estate Agents.