• St Johns Cathedral Antigua

    St Johns Cathedral

    Escape the midday sun in the St Johns Cathedral. This is a must do spot if you are visiting the capital of Antigua St Johns.

    It has been destroyed twice before once in 1683 and 1745 due to earthquakes. The latest 3rd building has a wooden shell and a stone exterior and has survived

  • Nelson's Dockyard | English Harbour Antigua

    Nelsons Dockyard Anchor

    Located in the English Harbour general area is the historic harbour bearing one of the most famous names in naval history. Nelson managed the defensive harbour for a while and Nelson's Dockyard is what you can visit today to get a flavour of life in another time in Antigua. His quarters are now

  • Fort Barrington at Deep Bay

    Deep Bay

    Easy to view from the sea otheriwse a car rental is needed and a visit to the general Five Islands Village area of Antigua.