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  • How To Get Around In Antigua | Airport Transfers vs TAXI vs Car Rental

    antigua transfers

     The choices for how to get from the airport in Antigua (ANU) to your resort are

    1. Private Transfer
    2. Rent your own car from the airport - start driving straight away.
    3. Airport Taxi (economic for single travellers)
  • Barbuda | Before Hurricane IRMA

    Spectacular Beaches in Barbuda
  • Antigua Flights I Cheap Flights to Antigua

    Flights to Antigua

    Flights to Antigua

    One of things most travellers consider when deciding upon a destination for their next trip is what the flight to that place entails. One big key for UK visitors to Antigua is a direct flight.

    There are many questions that surround this particular issue, so

  • Antigua

    About Antigua

    Antigua is the main island of the twin island state called Antigua and Barbuda. Barbuda is very different to Antigua in many ways but they are both very sandy islands with beautiful beaches. It's not hard to see why tourism is the main economy for