Walking and Hiking Tours in Antigua

Hiking for all abilities

You are now viewing guided hiking and walking tours. Most hiking in Antigua can be done more easily earlier on in the day before the sun gets hot. It's not overly a problem hiking at midday just take precautions like water seriously if you are experienced ad want to hike out on your own. It can be difficult to hike in Antigua for more logistical reasons such as getting to and from the start finish points. Some trails are not clear as well so that can also be a reason to go with a guide. You always learn a lot from taking an organised hike.
  • Trek Tours | Hiking in Antigua

    For those looking to inject a little fun exercise into their holiday, this offers the perfect option. There are several tours available to show you the parts of Antigua not found on the usual tourist trails and with the choices available there is sure to be something to suit everyones taste and physical ability.

  • Hiking Tours - Christian Valley Trails

    Hiking in Antigua

    Come hike with Marc !

    Allow a local to show you some of the unspoilt nature of Antigua with a hike suited to your level. Most levels of ability are accomodated.

  • Footsteps Rainforest Hiking Tour

    Starting at the fig tree drive gallery join us for a walk in the Antigua rainforrest.