Snorkeling with Eli's Eco Tour
Snorkeling with Eli's Eco Tour

A full day on Eli's purpose built boat for your comfort. You can catch the sun or the shade and enjoy the views. You will not miss your cruise ship departure! This is guaranteed.

Pricing and Booking

The tour is great value for the whole day at $125 (US) per person.

Please tell us your date you wish to do the tour and the number of passengers with ages.

Alternative booking options through Viator Trip Advisor

The Mangroves and Islets

Motor in comfort around long island (Jumby Island) and 21 other islands making up Antigua' north sound area. The mangroves are the nursery for much of the Caribbean's reef life. Offering protection from storms and predators such as aerial threats from birds after an easy lunch. The mangroves also offer land protection from storms. They are abundant through the large Caribean region and beyond. You might see spotted eagle rays hanging out in the sandy flats barracuda and turtles. The bird life for sure is visible such as brown pellicans or frigate birds.

Snorkelling and Hell's Gate

The tour offers the chance of snorkelling which you should take. The underwater world here is amazing. Hell's Gate can only be reached via this tour! Unless you organise it yourself. There are interesting caves and a natural bridge. Snorkelling here is an option. The natural Jaquzzi is here a nice place to cool off and be with nature. Reef shoes are needed to enjoy the caves and bridge fully.

Refreshments and Food

It's time to think food and hydration. It's included on the tour for your enjoyment and convenience.

Bird Island

After lunch we head across for a nature hike on bird island. It's one of the higher islands in the north sound so it's great for photos and the natural beauty and sense of wellbeing the area offers. The hike is guided as per the whole tour, with information allowing you to empathize with the environment here.

Snorkelling for all abilities

More snorkelling is available on the dedicated stop (remember there is an earlier option at Hell's Gate). All equipment is included and guides will take two groups for differeing bilities and comfort levels into the water. Full instruction is given on the boat and your safety is never in doubt.

Video of Eli's Eco Tour