We created this handy guide as a starting place for you if you are considering tying the knot in Antigua. This guide is also useful if you are renewing your vows or interested in a honeymoon. A wedding planner both in your location and in Antigua is a very helpful resource, we can help you plan your wedding down to the finest detail allowing you the time to spend looking at venues, dresses and enjoying what you should be rather than stressing about the details- the wedding planners tasks.

Your Wedding 

From the moment you have set your date, the clock starts ticking towards your big day.  Depending on the type of wedding you are considering, there are certain items that need to be looked at sooner than you might expect.  The average time between engagement and nuptials can vary between 3 months to 2 years, so it is important to get organised asap.

Here at Best Antigua, we will work with you to identify and secure your preferred resort or venue, liaise with any agents you may have already chosen to work with and give you a UK based support team that transfers seamlessly to our Antigua co-branded partners, when you arrive on the island.

We are uniquely placed to be able to offer both UK and Antigua Wedding Planning assistance, as we have extensive experience of Antigua, the businesses that operate in this industry in Antigua and reliable contacts to ensure everything runs smoothly once you arrive on the island.

The Check List

So, the date is set and you have chosen Antigua as your wedding location.  Below is an example of what kinds of things you should be considering and planning from around 12 months before the wedding and the sooner the better;

  1. Set your budget and build in a contingency for any last minute changes etc.
  2. Decide who to invite and who will have a role in the ceremony
  3. Send save the date cards
  4. Book the venue and discuss the registrar, catering and decorations etc. (this can also be managed seperately from the venue)
  5. Book a photographer
  6. Book a videographer
  7. Organise the flowers
  8. Organise a wedding cake
  9. Purchase wedding insurance
  10. Find the perfect wedding dress!

Legalities of Getting Married in Antigua

It is wise to cover the legalities which obviously won't change and you can't get around. Briefly you need documents to prove your single status from previous marriages or being widowed. (name changes need document proof) and if anyone is under 18 you need parental consent. You need passports flight tickets (e-ticket) and birth certifcates are also required. You also need a second picture identity such as drivers license. Your wedding needs to have two credible witnesses. Your wedding time can be anywhere from 6am to 8pm on any day other than these: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Whit Monday, any national bank holidays including Labor Day, Caricom Day, Carnival, Independence Day, VC Bird Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. If any documentation is not in English then a legal translation is required and both documents must be submitted.

Official Fees

If one of the engaged to be married can be present for 15 days before date of marriage then you can reduce the cost and apply for a normal License. This might be interesting in few cases however as the SPECIAL LICENSE can be obtained in one working day without a wait, it comes at an extra cost below.

  1. A registration fee of EC$ 100.00 (US$ 37.00) payable at the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Optional fee for a mariiage officer which allows weddings in any location such as the beach or at sea of EC$270 (US$ 100).
  3. Ordinary License EC$ 100 (US$ 37 ) or  more likely the Special License fee of EC$ 405 (US$ 150)

So ofiicial Fees add up to 287 USD in the most normal case.

Wedding Packages

Packages often mean simplicity and this comes in terms of the booking and price. It can be an alternative way other than requiring a wedding planner in Antigua to DIY your wedding. Resorts who specialise in weddings will have packages to suit. These packages can be affordable and represent good value at the low end for example £500 can get you decorated venue, cake with some flowers for the bride and groom. You need to add on the official fees above to any packages due to the nature of paying locally and that being a part of the legal requirments.

Destination Weddings Antigua

We have looked through a variety of options for you to kickstart your enjoyable research on choosing the perfect venue.