group kayak antigua
kayaking mangroves in Antigua's north sound

There are many ways to experience some fun off-shore of Antigua but there are none like Kayaking. The benefits of kayaking are all too numerous to list in full but consider some of the following reasons to give it a try while in Antigua.

Some benefits of Kayaking in Antigua

  • The serenity of Kayaking allows you to creep up on nature and listen to sounds which are super nice
  • There are fantastic animals, creatures birds and fish to see around the mangroves, ponds and lakes of Antigua
  • You can navigate the sea with a Kayak, most resorts and hotels provide limited time free of charge

We have a fantastic tour of the mangroves in the south of Antigua which includes a snorkle on the best snorkleing spot in Antigua Cades Reef - Kayak and Snorkle Antigua


Advantages of Kayaking

Kayaking is an excellent sport, of course wear a lifejacket. It is excellent because you can exercise at your own pace. Kayaking can be done by many people even those with some disabilities. It is a very inclusive sport. There is muscular tonal development muscles such as the rear latisimus dorsai (lats) shoulders (deltoids) biceps and triceps to name a few of the main muscle groups you will FEEL! It hels get rid of bingo wings and also will make room for a few rum punches you MUST sample on Antiguaigua.

Why is Kayaking Good For You?

It is a way to get some excercse.

It can be as strenuous as you like it to be.

It is relaxing

It is therapeutic

It allows you to appreciate nature

You can learn about the Antigua mangroves

It is beautiful, being closer to the water

It is little wonder that people end up feeling like they had a massage and meditation all in one after just an hour of kayaking.  

Kayaking in Antigua

Broadly there are two ways to get kayaking in Antigua as a tourist. Take a pre planned kayaking tour. Often all inclusive resorts provide free sessions of kayaks some with time restrctions to allow everyone to enjoy. But possibly talk to us laid back Antiguans and we will perhaps allow you longer. Depending on the resort it might be a bit short of mangrove to explore.