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At the high end you will find a surplus of opportunities. For any faster practical eating out matter you may get a slower service but the food will never disappoint. You don't hear it said but Antiguans are very proud of their culinary skills.


Of course roti king doesnt have its own webste as it is a small family style business they do have a facebook page see further down.


Open 17:00 til 22:30 everyday except sunday. We are unsure when it opens as Trip Advisor says 17:00 but we know here it is also open for lunch. ->

"Authentic amazing Roti!! Just cue up and order with the locals. You will not be disappointed. Scrumptious"

source - megbel from TripAdvisor


You might struggle to park in St Johns but there is a car park near redcliffe quay. Try sidestreets slightly away from the centre if not. You probably won't be driving especially to get a roti here ! So just take a mental note to find them on St Mary's Street tel 462-2328

see how a typical roti is made by this indian chap - good video !