Press Releases on Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP)

Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program. Press releases on the Antigua and Barbuda CIP

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In this section we look at Press Releases related to the Citizenship Investment Programme of note Gaston Browne defending the programme as an easy way for anyone to get a powerful passport on 60 minutes by CBS. And in 2018 you can now invest by buying in Bitcoin BCH.

2020 Press Releases for the CIP Program

1. Antigua and Barbuda’s second citizenship programme is an investment in the future from European CEO.

2019 Press Releases for the CIP Program

1. Probably one of the more negative stories was the whole Mehul Choksi saga highlighted in this post.

2018 Press Releases for the CIP Program Antigua

  1. -In this release we learn that you can now get on the CIP program by paying in Bitcoin BCH (Bitcoin Cash).
  2. In this article Riviera asks how will a large amount of BCH be traded into liquid currency?
  3. The Statesman talks about the CBI Index, Antigua comes in early

2017 Press Releases on the Citizenship for Investment Programme


  7. This read details how Gaston Browne defends his countries CIP on the USA's CBS 60 minutes show. Part of the issue surrounds a complaint that the passports that could be issued to Syrians as an example are allowing potential terrorists to move more freely.

  8. Thomas Anthony deputy chief officer for the CIP criticised the CBS slot for not showing a balanced viewpoint and stated they didn't highlight the checking and due diligence for applications.

  9. Buy a villa in the UAE - and get an Antiguan passport !!! A very interesting read details how one Sweet Homes a property developer in the United Arab Emirates works the $200,000 investment into Antigua NDF and effectively absorbs the cost in its own villa sales. The short term loss of US$200,000 which goes to the Antigua and Barbuda development fund in return for a passport for the buyer is a strategic risk but one that puts this developer front and centre for attractive investment. Of course all the strict security and requirments have to be upheld for the CIP passport to be worked. 


Citizen Investment Programme Videos

Robert Deniro on Antigua Investment

In this lovely interview with the one and only Mr Robert De Niro we learn some nice things to do in Antigua and get more reasons why investing in Antigua is a sure bet.