Shirley Heights Antigua

Shirley Heights is the vantage point to get that famous selfie on Antigua. It has a fab party every Sunday- A MUST DO!

If you land on a sunday you better get your skates on because one of the best parties is going on from 4 til 11pm at Shirley Heights Lookout.

DO go straight after your sunday checkin if staying for just a week, it will also help your jet lag!- Calvin

You can visit any other time during normal hours apart from monday after sundown. In fact if you want the best photos come during the day. But try to make it on the sunday for the steel pan band and more contemporary Antiguan artists take to the stage. You get to dance on a decent cobblestone courtyard - take sensible flat shoes. There are some great alternative views to be had if you find the lower reaches of the garden and keep going a bit.


The Main Building


How to get to Shirley Heights ?

We recommend you organise a mini van or taxi for your group so you can enjoy the rum punch (highly recommended). You can take your rental car alternatively using the map below instead of turning right into falmouth you go straight on and follow the road up. You might see a few vans going up for the sunday BBQ. You will be asked to stop and pay the 8USD per person.

About The Site Area

Shirley Heights has some restored ruins the best of which you can grab a drink from and the Sunday party happens at. It is where you get the selfie shot overlooking English Harbour and Nelsons Dockyard. The beach below is galleon bay. It's a popular area for hiking and you can learn a lot about the history of Antigua by taking yourself up and around the area. There are of course guided tours bringing you too. The sunday party doesnt work for cruise ship guests however many cruise ship based tours do Shirley Heights and English Harbour

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