If you are not sure if you might like to drive in Antigua then this article might help guide you.

Rent a Car or Jeep in Antigua

I would say yes to renting a car direct from the airport because its an easy start. It is really quite easy to drive in Antigua if you drive somewhat defensively and watch out for the road surface or lack of it at times. Read through the tips here. Take extra time and take your time to get to places and just see the road you are on as an adventure anyway. Avoid driving at night if possible as the road is poorly lit and people walk on the roads often as there is no choice and often bikes and even some vehicles dont have good lights.
Before I put you off further, rejoice in some stunning views some absolute comedy moments and points of interest almost at every turn. Enjoy travel in air conditioned cars or SUV's and get the freedom to really GET Antigua... 

Get a feel for the roads with Best Antigua Drive Chat on Youtube.

Convenient links to the playlists here of all Series 1, Series 2, Series 3  

Should you rent a car in Antigua?

If you are first time visitors to Antigua and have only a week then I might suggest you get a good value professional local driver to use all week. Ask Best Antigua for recommendation of a driver. You might consider renting a car for a few days or just one (Best Antigua DO allow single day rentals) day. I would recommend repeat visitors or if you plan on being out o your Resort or vacation rental often to rent a car or jeep to get to some of the harder to reach spots. You might be looking around an average of 50 - 70 UD each day you need a taxi or local driver. If you use him all day then it would be better to take an organised tour perhaps? I recommend you posting questions you may have in the Antigua Forum on TA.

Tips on Renting a Car or Jeep

  • Check over the paperwork and look for marks not shown on the paperwork.
  • Take insurance.
  • Fit a dash cam ! Get some terrific footage..
  • Share the driving (if you dont mind to buy an extra temporary license at 20 USD).
  • Take an automatic.
  • If you hire from a local company enjoy better service, larger web players don't give you the attention you get with a good local provider (Not to mention supporting Antigua).
  • Check extra charges the bigger web players add before deciding who to use.
  • Make sure you get a quote from Best Antigua before you chose a provider (Best Antigua use local suppliers and support Antigua).

Tips on Driving in Antigua

  • It's not always possible to avoid driving in St Johns but don't be fearful - just try and know your general sense of direction and follow the flow of cars as the one way 'system' can get you a little lost.
  • Don't be affraid to ask locals the way !
  • Take it easy - speeds are often slow don't get too tempted to drive fast you can't always see pot holes or speed bumps and they are not made well (will cause dmaage).
  • Watch out for the edges of the road dissapearing especially on fig tree drive.
  • Avoid driving at night.

Car Rental Companies in Antigua

To get started in choosing your provider take a look at some of the recommended car rental companies below.

car hire 

Drive A Matic- More info

Car Rental Companies in Antigua
Contact Number (Telephone)
Chase rent a car 12685614066
Drive a Matic 1 (800) 581-8773
Bigs car rental Antigua 12685624901