Walking on the beach

This horseback experience is suitable for pretty much everyone, from beginners to the more experienced riders.  There are options for all levels with the added bonus of including time at the end of your chosen session splashing in the waters of the Caribbean on horseback, should you desire.

Tour Overview

Located in Falmouth Harbour and Dickenson Bay, both are well-placed tours regardless of where you are staying on the island.

The sessions offered vary from 1 hour to 2 hours in duration, with the optional (additional charge) add-on to swim with the horses thereafter.

The reviews for this tour are off-the-scale good, with 98% of customers rating it as excellent.  The owners get fantastic feedback and the general opinion from customers is that the horses are extremely well looked after, happy, and very easy to control, meaning this is a great option for children too.


If you would like to book this please contact us with details or try Facebook for them.

What's Included

Trails to the hills, to the valley or on the beach are offered depending on which session you opt for and your riding ability.

To Note 

There are other packages available including private lessons in dressage and show jumping.

Due to the nature of the tour and for personal comfort, it is recommended that long trousers are worn and no flip flops/thongs.

Helmets are provided at the center.

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Media about Horseriding 

Horse Riding Video 1


Horse Riding Video 2