Jumby Bay Resort and Villas

Jumby bay located on Long Island is perhaps the most exclusive resort in Antigua. Villas and Resort Accommodation available.

Choose your antigua resort hotel- a quick guide.

Are you a first time visitor staying for a week? If the answer is yes then be carefree about where on the island you will be situated. All Antigua resorts are nearby or situated on  great beaches. Are you looking for the best resort to get married in or have a once in a lifetime honeymoon? Take a look at our special article on wedding resorts.

Alternatively give us some details and let our experts recommend you some properties in a best for you guide. Click here for our Antigua Holidays page and submit your interest.

Jumby Bay is a Rosewood Resort on a private island (long island) - where cars are not welcome! Bikes and by foot is the way to travel here.

About Jumby Bay

Access is by boat, where you are met with a variety of suites and rooms, villas and vacation homes, all of which make up the resort and offer something for everyone. 

 jumby bay beach

There are 5 Restaurants to ensure that you don't get tired of the surroundings.  [Pro Tip: Check out Cecilias Restaurant if you have some time which is actually on Dutchmans Bay mainland opposite Long Island]. Jumby Bay is located on Long Island so you will take a quick ferry to the island from a special terminal- super easy.

With 3 beaches of magnificent white sand you might not want to venture elswehere, but do consider Kitesurfing on Jabberwock Beach and maybe even scuba diving or deep sea trolling for the chance to feel what a big Marlin feels like?  The only limitations are your imagination, personal tastes and budget.

Jumby Bay is also home to some of the best luxury villas in Antigua and the Caribbean. They are as you can imagine quite amazing and attract the celebrity crowd as much as the uber rich.

Location Map

Jumby Bay Digital Media

A nicely edited video that shows you the kind of luxury you would expect.

How to choose the right resort?

Hotel Location

It's not necessary to situate yourself based on location to Nelsons Dockyard or Shirley Heights as the size of Antigua allows you full access to the islands nightlife and attractions anyway. Instead focus on choosing the right resort for you.

If you still want to be located in a specific spot then we have the following links that show you the hotels and touristic points of interest:
North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West, North West 

When To Visit

Out of season it will be quiet no matter where you go with the exception that some loactions seem to hold more bars and restaurants that are actually open. English Harbour tends to slow down out of season (with closures) more than say the South West or North West. Just be ready to disengage from time and enjoy the resort restaurnts and nightlife. The busiest periods around Christmas to Easter see more visitors to the island and check for sailing week as it's crowded.