pink snorkle set

by U.S. Divers the Diva Women Snorkeling Set includes a Mask, Fins, Dry Snorkel + Gear Bag. A dry snorkle allows you to dive down and not fill up the snorkle and reviews indicate this works! Much better than a full head covering snuba type. We carefully selected the best set. Coming in a range of colours this makes the ideal travel companion for a trip to Antigua!

Colours are coordinated per order this is just showing some of the options click on the amazon link to see the full range.


Short travel fins, great and you loose no power over longer fins.

Dry snorkle much improved over a standard snorkle you need to clean.

Great adjustable fog free mask.


There are very few cons, very few over hundreds of positive reviews reported the snorkle attachment to mask breaking. This doesn't render the set useless however.

The fins are not for scuba diving per se. They can be fine for calm easy dive sites but for serious current they will not be powerful enough.

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