This is the fast track pass that allows you to met as you enter the airport and skip the regular queues.

Add the number of passes you need per age group.


e.g. Adult couple - select Adult and then select 2 then press add to cart. Checkout as normal and add transfers if you need to.

Adult couple with one infant under 5 and on 7 year old- select Adult then select 2. Add to cart. Return to the page add the under 5 year old and return and then finally add the 5-12 year old and add to cart. Select transfers if you need them then checkout.

We are here to help you if you prefer and we can make a custom booking for you if you provide the details. However doing it here is actually less work for you if you find it convenient and easy.


Normally Saturdays are the busiest days when you would get most value from these. Otherwise the arrivals hall isn't too busy. And if you are travelling with young infants they should give you priority all the same.

Fast Track Booking

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