Grand Royal Antiguan Resort

Staying at the Grand Royal ? Lower your expectation and for the right mindset it may be suitable.

We help you choose your best antigua resort hotel - quick guide.

Are you a first time visitor staying for a week -YES ! Then be care free about where on the island you will be situated. Antigua is surrounded by best beaches near you.

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This resort is under refurbishment and you should not look at it as a potential stay until the refurb is finished in November 2018. The sunwing group will be doing the refurb who are providing already tourism for Canadian vacationers to Antigua. More on the story here.

Grand Royal Antiguan Resort Refurbishment

Located about 20 minutes from the airport and 10-15 minutes from St. John's, this was once the goto resort for business travellers to the island. 

About Grand Royal Antiguan Resort

However, in recent years it has fallen into a state of disrepair and now needs some serious financial investment to bring it back up to the standrard worthy of it's name.

Reviewers are quick to point out that the Management and Staff are extremely attentive and driven to restore this resort to it's former 5* glory and that the food is of great quality.

The best feature mentioned is the beautiful beach, which is largely quiet allowing those there a truly relaxing time.  Conversly, the worst issue mentioned was the lack of WIFI, which hindered several business travellers.

Location Map

How to choose the right resort?

Hotel Location

It's not a great idea to situate yourself purely based on location to Nelsons Dockyard and Shirley heights as the size of Antigua allows you full access to the islands nightlife and attractions anyway. Instead focus on choosing the right resort for your group and budget.

But if you still want to be located in a specific spot then we have the following links that show you the hotels and touristic points of interest:
North, North East, East, South East, South, South West, West, North West 

Out of Season Reason

Also out of season it will be quiet no matter where you go with the exception that some loactions seem to hold more bars and restaurants that stay open longer. English Harbour tends to slow down out of season more than say the South West or North West. That could be your thing ! Just be ready to disengage from time and enjoy.