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As an Antigua service operator such as a tour provider, restaurant or transfer operator we welcome you to advertise with us. Please check with us for current prices.

We operate several plans for you and will discuss the various options for you. Our basic plan is $200 per year to advertise your tour or restaurant for example. You will receive prominent placement and we will offer you always refferal from our discussions online such as travel forums and chat and our email enquiries. In essence you get brand awareness and refferal marketing. Of course you advert allows the viewer to directly visit your social media pages and website so they can book direct with you.

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Privacy Policy. We have a proper privacy policy publically available it is this very page.

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We are here to benefit you by way of information and to help advertise the island's quality and services etc. We simply opearate as an agent or fixer if you like through our connections and relationships.

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If you advertise with us then we will operate on a date basis for the renewal (yearly monthly etc) and we will contact you to see if you would like to renew. We will not auto renew your advertising. See more on advertising with Best Antigua.


If you make a booking with us we take a deposit via paypal for your protection. We do not offer refunds of a deposit in the event that you cancel no matter how far in advance as we will already have taken the time to make the booking. We will consider a refund on cancelation if you have unusually booked very far into the future and paid in full. We will be reasonable but require some payment for our time and booking efforts.

It is very rare for any tour or transfer to cancel. If we are at fault for a missed transfer or booking or tour we will take your booking into consideration and if we find the operator has failed you you can request a refund from us if the proof is in existance.

We take every opportunity to be accurate in our information on the website however there may be innacuracies over time.